Non planar slices not working properly

Testing the non planar import function, but there’s always strange and unwanted toolpath.

This movement is always a loop inside the geometry so not in the design and is always present at the bottom of the object on top of the base.
Sometimes it can happen at random height.

what is even more strange is that everything goes ok ( import slice displays ok - base too) but when loading geometry (3dm from sliceup) in Spiral we can see the unwanted toolpath(s).

Slices imported in sliceup are geometry only from Rhino 7.

Everything seems good when importing

Then when slicing the weird inside loops appear

No solution ? or no one want to take a look to this bug ?

Hi @P_Vnct ,

thank you for taking the time to notify us the issue, and my apologies for the late reply.

We are aware of the bug: unfortunately, at the moment we are busy working on commercial projects and have no spare resources to dedicate to Slice-Up development and mantainance.

We are taking steps to resume development and mantainance of the free version this summer. I’ll make sure to post here as soon as we solved the problem.