About Non-Planarity

WARNING: Non planar slicing is a complex field, depending on a variety of factors, many of which are strictly dependent on your setup. Things can easily go wrong when working non-planar toolpath, and we suggest to stick with planar work until you are confident enough.

All modules Slice-Up are compatible with non-planar curves.

Currently, the only way to work with non-planarity is to create non-planar slices yourself and import it.

Here a few general tips:

  • When importing, make sure to check the non-planar option.

  • We recommend not to use adjust layer height option. This will adjust the layer height to an average value, without guarantees of setting the minimum and maximum layer height for each layer right.

  • Be carefull when working with transform as translations and especially rotations can easily break the non-planar logic and result in layers crossing each others.

  • Base Fills are only possible on planar layers, so make sure that you have a adeguate number of planar layers at the start of your object.

In future we will release functionality both to generate non-planar slices in Slice-Up, and analytical tools to increase the chance of success of non-planar object. You can learn about future developments here.