Basic workflow to export Gcode

If I click on the green “Vase” and nothing else - then go to download. I get a .3dm file. Is there a setting to output the gcode file?

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Hi @Robert_Steiner , and welcome!

In order to do generate g-code you must import your .3dm in one of the red modules: Spiral or Multi.
You can then adjust a few settings and convert your geometry into gcode.
For your first prints it is reccomended to use Spiral, which is more straightforward.

While this workflow is a bit confusing at first, it is also where the true power of Slice-Up resides.
The general idea is that you move your .3dm around different modules (or tools) to perform different design operations on it and generate gcode as a last step.

I have just put together a step-by-step tutorial that should help you complete your first print, have a look and see if it helps:

Let me know if it helped!